Danvers Community Information

Once known as Salem Village, Danvers became a township in 1757. During the 1760s and 1770s Danvers was active in the growing revolutionary turmoil. Seven Danvers Minutemen were killed in the war's first armed struggle during the Lexington Alarm of April 19, 1775. Approximately 300 Danvers townspeople served actively in the war and such famous sons as Brigadier General Israel Putnam and Doctor Samuel Holten, member and President of the Continental Congress and signer of the Articles of the Confederation, were of Danvers descent.

The Revolution made Danversport a prominent shipping and shipbuilding center where tidal mills prospered. Industrial and cultural growth continued in the 19th century with Danvers finding itself in the midst of the New England reform era when many cultural and reform societies were formed during the period of 1820 - 1850. Danvers has since transformed from a small colonial farming community to a dynamic suburban town, which is proud of its civic services.

Danvers is proud of its public school system designed to bolster a community of learners. Achievement is second nature to the students of Danvers. There are several private schools to choose from in the community including Clark Creative Learning, St. John's Preparatory School, and St. Mary Of Annunciation. Higher education abounds in and near Danvers as it is home to the North Shore Community College which offers a full range of academic and administrative school services including online courses. Being relatively close to Boston means that reputable schools such as Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, MIT, and Northeastern (just to name a few) are well within reach.

Danvers features a wide variety of playgrounds, athletic fields, courts, parks, trails, open space, waterfront, a town beach, and more. Endicott Park is a 165-acre natural and historic site offering both individual and group educational programs throughout the year in a living laboratory for the study of science, ecology, conservation, animal husbandry, landscape design, building architecture, archeology, cultural history, and more. Visitors gain a sense of earlier times in historic Danvers when farming was a common lifestyle. One can also enjoy peaceful settings for walks, picnics, and natural beauty throughout the seasons. The Danversport Yacht Club boasts beautiful function rooms, elegantly landscaped gardens, a first-class restaurant, and a marina for over 350 vessels. If boating is your pleasure, Danversport Yacht Club is the place to drop anchor.

Boston is in Danvers' backyard and being Massachusetts' capital and New England's largest city it obviously has much to offer in the way of work and entertainment. Boston is a major manufacturing center and a great seaport and home to many attractions: museums, the symphony, historic sites, Boston Common, the Boston Red Sox, and much more.

Danvers is your chance to live amongst history and enjoy all that New England has to offer.

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